Zen Kannon Barcelona

Link: https://zenkannon.org

Tradition: Zen

Description: Dojo Zen Barcelona Kannon is a non-profit association dedicated exclusively to the practice of Zen, based on a regular practice of sitting meditation, zazen, which can be done in the center throughout the week. To develop this practice, many activities are offered, both to improve meditation and to study the Way of Zen, under the spiritual direction of Zen master Lluís Nansen Salas, who follows the line of transmission of Taisen Deshimaru and Roland Yuno Rech. . Whether you want to take your first steps in meditation, reduce stress and relax, or are a meditator looking for a stronger group practice, or want to undertake a rigorous practice of Zen Buddhism, everyone is welcome. In Zen Kannon, both those who practice secular meditation and those who develop a complete Zen Buddhist practice are in harmony, under the direction of the same teacher. All the center's activities are suitable for everyone, regardless of their knowledge of meditation and Zen.

Parent Organization: Zen

Contact: Lluís Salas

Contact Email: info@zenkannon.org

Contact Tel: +34 649 649 759

Street: Ronda Universitat, 14, 2-1A,

City: 08007 Barcelona