Monasterio Budista de Garraf


Tradition: Tibetan Sakya

Description: If you don't know us, it is possible that when you think of a Buddhist community your mind flies to an imagery of landscapes, colors, or faces from India, Tibet, Bhutan, Korea, Sri Lanka, or Japan, among others, and it is understandable since the history of Buddhism began in the 6th century BC. C. with the life and work of Shakyamuni Buddha. Since then, and since ancient India, the expansion of his philosophy gradually developed throughout Asia. There are a few decades in which some of the different traditions and lineages of Buddhism in these countries are at the beginning of a process of transplantation from East to West, both in Europe and America. It is a new context, a new Buddhism, and it is in this context of cultural diversity and coexistence between tradition and modernity that our community was born.

Parent Organization: Tibetan Sakya

Contact Email:

Contact Tel: +34 937 432 010

Street: Parc del Garraf, Avinguda de Plana Novella, s/n,

City: 08818 Garraf, Barcelona