Dharmadhatu Barcelona

Link: https://dharmadhatu.es

Description: Dharmadhatu, as a Buddhist center belongs to the Tibetan tradition, and promotes the combined study and practice of an integrating Buddhism —sutrayana and vajrayana—, with an open spirit —rime—, transmitting the teachings of the masters of the different Tibetan lineages and following the inspiration of S.S. the fourteenth Dalai Lama. Its vocation is to facilitate the transmission and practice of Buddhism, presenting it with an affordable and up-to-date language that, without departing from the lineage and purity of the Tibetan tradition, adapts to the needs of current practitioners. To this end, it offers a program oriented to different levels of interest —from getting to know Buddhism to its practice for committed Buddhists— and depth —from introductory or monographic courses and seminars to comprehensive training in the philosophy and practice of Buddhism. This Buddhist program is complemented by other cultural activities that enrich and facilitate their understanding, integration and normalization in our life and culture.

Contact: Alex Rodergas

Contact Email: info@dharmadhatu.es

Contact Tel: +34 934 354 737

Street: Castillejos, 274,

City: 08025 Barcelona